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    Vertex Fit Cycle Line Drawing

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  • As of July 2019 we currently have ONE machine available for purchase – last of the “first run” of 5 bikes. This is being offered at the special pricing of $20,000 USD, and there is NO monthly maintenance charge associated with this bike. 
  • We will consider offering financing to highly-qualified US purchasers. For example, $8000 down and $365/month for 3 years (this is a hypothetical example only, not an offer). 
  • Each bike includes a Wahoo KICKR drive unit, 2 saddle cassettes and adjustable-length cranks. All software is included. We will provide personal support via email, web, chat, phone. If you are within a reasonable distance of RI we will likely hand deliver your Vertex, set it up (simple), and train you. If you are further afield we can provide very effective remote support. 
  • We will only allocate these bikes to fitters, coaches, research institutions, or shops with ADVANCED UNDERSTANDING and EXPERIENCE in bike fitting, training, and/or research. 

Please contact us if you are ready and qualified to join the Vertex Revolution.