The Vertex Fit Cycle

A cycling fit and training simulator unlike any other.

US Patent 7976433


Forget what you know about “fit bikes”. On the Vertex Fit Cycle the rider remains stationary while contact points move around him. The Vertex is fully automated and easily changes fit parameters under high rider power output.  The Vertex Fit Cycle is truly the most intuitive, easiest to use, fit, performance optimization and sales platform for both the fitter and the athlete. 

Vertex Fit Cycle FEATURES

Vertex Fit Cycle Features

What can the Vertex do for You?

  • Fitters:

    Easily dial in the best road or tri fit for your clients. Start by converting their current fit onto the Vertex, and do your magic starting there. Save and quickly toggle between different fits for maximum feedback. Quickly transpose Vertex Coordinates to the client’s own bike or virtually configure a new bike. Determine what bikes on the market will fit best. Quickly demo saddles, crank lengths, and front ends. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll feel naked without it.

    Service Examples

    • Bike fits
    • Prebuy fits
    • Saddle demos
    • Bar demos
  • Bike shops:

    Differentiate yourself from the also-rans. Customers need more reasons than ever to come into your shop and the Vertex will give them a very good one. Plus, it is a fantastic sales tool and a way to instill credibility in your services. Easily transpose a customer’s current bike coordinates onto the Vertex, then make any fit tweaks as needed and quickly determine what bikes will work best for them. Use it as a demo/test platform for saddles, bars, pedals, crank lengths.

    Service Examples:

    • General fitting
    • Prebuy fits
    • Position “tweaking”
    • Component testing and demo
  • Coaches, Teams and Training Centers:

    Besides general fitting services, use the Vertex as a training and testing platform to optimize performance. Determine if changes in fit coordinates improve physiological markers. Demo new equipment and try new positions.

    Service Examples:

    • General fitting
    • Performance testing and monitoring
    • Position experimentation and acclimation
    • Component demos

The Vertex Fit Cycle in Action

  • Vertex Fit Cycle Seat Angle Demo

  • Vertex Fit Cycle - Instant Tri Fit Feedback

  • Vertex Fit Cycle - Candid Athlete Feedback

  • Vertex Fit Cycle: Road to Tri Fit Transformation

  • Vertex Fit Cycle: Production Version Preview

Contact Us for More Info on the Vertex Fit Cycle: Available for Purchase NOW (October ’17) to Select Fitters, Shops, and Coaches. 

Vertex Fit Cycle Features

About Vertex Fit Systems and the Vertex Fit Cycle

Vertex was founded by bike fitter, long time triathlete and Mechanical Engineer Todd Kenyon (creator of TTBikeFit), along with his wife, 5x Ironman World Champion and Biomedical Electrical Engineer Lisbeth. In 2008 Todd began to create his own vision for an automated fit cycle, because nothing available provided the functionality he desired for his own fitting business. After constructing and testing a few working prototypes in TTBikeFit’s studio, a successful utility patent filing was executed. Shortly thereafter Mechanical Engineer and cycle-sport enthusiast Mike Medeiros joined VFS to assist in creating the production version shown here. We are happy to say that after many years of grassroots labor, the Vertex Fit Cycle is finally ready for prime time!