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The Vertex Fit Cycle

A bicycle fitting system and training simulator unlike any other.

US Patent 7976433

The Bike Fitting System that Stands Alone

The Vertex Fit Cycle changes bike fitting forever, and is available now from Vertex Fit Systems.  Forget what you know about “fit bikes”. Conceived and created by Master Bike Fitter Todd Kenyon of TTBikeFit, the Vertex bike fitting system is unique in function and ease of use. On the Vertex Fit Cycle the rider remains stationary while contact points move around him. The Vertex is fully automated via digital stepper motors and easily changes fit parameters under high rider power output.  Control the Vertex with and view real-time position data from any wireless device. The Vertex Fit Cycle is truly the most intuitive, easiest to use, fit, performance optimization, and sales platform for both the fitter and the athlete. 


Download the Vertex Fit Cycle White Paper

Concept, innovations, and operation detailed for the first time. This is the best way to truly understand why the Vertex Fit Cycle is such a unique and useful platform.

Interested in LICENSING the VERTEX FIT CYCLE Patent for use in your own bicycle fitting or training/fitness platform? CONTACT US.

Vertex Fit Cycle Features

Features Map of the Vertex Fit Cycle

Why is the Vertex Bike Fitting System Simply Better than ALL OTHER Fit Bikes?

Vertex Fit Cycle FEATURES

Vertex Fit Cycle Features

What can the Vertex do for You?

Vertex Fit Cycle Bike Fit Videos

Vertex Installs

The Latest Vertex Intsall - La Bicicletta Toronto

The Latest Vertex Intsall - La Bicicletta Toronto

The Latest Vertex Intsall - La Bicicletta Toronto

Vertex Fit Cycle Locations

Contact Us via Email: or Phone +1 401 685 9330

for More Info on the Vertex Fit Cycle: Available NOW to Select Fitters, Shops, and Coaches.

About Vertex Fit Systems and the Vertex Fit Cycle

Vertex was founded by bike fitter, long time triathlete and Mechanical Engineer Todd Kenyon (creator of TTBikeFit), along with his wife, 5x Ironman World Champion and Biomedical Electrical Engineer Lisbeth. In 2008 Todd began to create his own vision for an automated fit cycle, because nothing available provided the functionality he desired for his own fitting business. After constructing and testing a few working prototypes in TTBikeFit’s studio, a successful utility patent filing was executed. Shortly thereafter Mechanical Engineer and cycle-sport enthusiast Mike Medeiros joined VFS to assist in creating the production version shown here. We are happy to say that after many years of grassroots labor, the Vertex Fit Cycle is finally ready for prime time